This site is setup to allow an individual or (within a small group) to conduct a self-paced bible study.


Signup to the service, and then at any time feel free to modify your preferences. Change your translation, change the number of chapters a day that you read, or even pause your subscription (say if you will not be near internet access).

Reason For Program

In 2005 I aquired a couple translations of the bible, in an electronic format. It was offered for use with the program "". was a perl scirpt designed to access the content of several text files, which each contained a translation of the Bible. Working with the text I created a php program to parse the same text files. I then created a program which would send me 5 chapters a day of the NIV, in an email format. As a result of that program I read the entire Bible for the first time in my life. I always had it in mind to adapt the program to a web based service so that many more people could find it useful. I found for myself that a computer is pretty good accountability, as a computer will send you an email everyday and not forget, and not get tired. On my own, I would not have read the entire Bible.

Chapters in the Bible

There are 1189 chapters in the Bible. In order to find out how many days it will take you to finish the entire Bible I have provided a chart below:

Straight Through or Random

There are some study Bibles which skip around. Though that does break up some of the geneology or some of the dry content of the Old Testament, I feel that most of the Bible is better read straight through. The dry parts go quickly, it is somewhat like eating peas, if you just eat them, then you can move on and enjoy the rest of the Bible. If you skip around, then you have to keep reading those dry parts, and with skipping, you also may lose some context of sequence of events.

Does This Replace a paper Bible?

I have not designed this to be a replacement for any paper Bible, if you need to verify some text you should check out They also have parallel translations that they show for any given verse. I suggest to anyone wanting to study the Bible fully, that they pick up a "Ryrie" study Bible. Or find another one you trust which has explanation for the verses. The primary point of this program is to help you or someone else to have some accountability to read the entire Bible. If you ask most elders, or older pastors they will tell you that you should be reading the Bible straight through every year, thats at least 4 chapters a day. Also you might not want to read the same translation each year, so you might want to read NASB one year, ESV the next, NRSV after that and so on.

What do I do if I find errors?

If you find some text errors, that are different from something in a paper edition or from, you can send an email to translation at delivermyverse dot com. I will make sure to update the text for others that may use this service. For those of you who do find errors, I will be happy to make a page, and list your name as one who helped to correct the text.

What do you need my email for?, do with my email?

This service sends you 1-10 chapters a day (based on your preference), to your email address. Emails are sent from DeliverMyVerse at delivermyverse dot com. You also use your email as a username to access your own preferences. Your email is stored in my database, and is only for use with this program. I am not interested in giving it out, or selling it to any list. This service is free, I make it free because God has blessed me with many things, gifts and talents, and I want to spread His message, His hope, His story, and His love, that is all spoken about through His word. In other words I do this, and provide this because I love God, the Lord Almighty, the Lord of Heaven and Earth.

Fruther Bible Study tips and suggestions

To make this an even better study, its best to do this with a friend. Or have your whole Bible study, or home group signup and study it together. I highly recommend that you read the book Basic Bible Interpretation by Roy B. Zuck. This book is essential, and teaches how to avoid making common mistakes when interpreting the Bible. For more great lessone you should check out this web site: The ministry who put this together is among the top in their league for Bible intrepertation. The Messanic movement, though some congregations are not receptive to Christians (who are not Jewish by blood), their teaching is full of knowledge and insight. Any Messanic websites which offer information would be worth reading. There are some churches who already have a program similar to this, feel free to use that program. This one is provided for those who do not have those resources.


You might want to look at some other projects which offer from supplementary material, which you may enjoy. After working with this project, I also created My Daily Verse", which gives you a single verse in an email. I also created Spoken Prayer, which combines music written by Onitod to prayers, which I started writing back with an earlier project entitled Spoken Hope.


I am always open to feedback, and welcome comments or suggestions. If you have a feature request, let me know, and I maybe able to incorporate it into the program. If you would like credit for your idea let me know. You can send feedback and requests to dmv at delivermyverse dot com.


As always thanks for your interest, and participation, and may God Bless you, and Keep you.

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